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I believe in patient-centered care. That means your health is in your hands, and you are in control. When you understand your health, you can change it.

While our conventional system does a great job at quick-fixes and acute care, I believe you truly become well when we actually fix what’s wrong and allow your body to function at its best. You need optimal energy, mental fortitude and physical wellness to turn your aspirations into action. After working together, my patients will often remark that they didn’t know they could feel as good as they do!


Here’s how we do that:


Get Started

To become a patient, please book your complimentary 15 minute alignment visit or, if you’re ready to jump right in, your full initial visit. That can be done online here or by calling my clinic, True Roots Healthcare, at 905-852-2929.


Initial Visit

As a new patient, you’ll have the opportunity to book your Initial Consultation and first Follow-Through visits. You will now be on the fast track for feeling better! You can expect your first Initial Consultation to involve a thorough intake, focused physical examination, requisitioned testing and preliminary treatment prescriptions.



Individualized medicine means investigating and reviewing your unique biochemistry and physiology. This often involves comprehensive bloodwork and other, more specialized testing such as hormone, digestive and food sensitivity testing.


Therapeutic Plan

Your plan may involve prescriptions in your initial visit that will be further refined after we have the opportunity to review any test results. Often, your therapeutic plan will involve in-office treatments, such as vitamin B12 injections, intravenous (IV) nutrient infusions or acupuncture, alongside concurrent prescriptions such as dietary changes, targeted supplementation, bioidentical hormones and/or lifestyle modifications. We will now have the beginnings of a solid foundation to optimize your health in a sustainable way.


Follow Through

We don’t follow up – that implies there is an endpoint to what you can accomplish. When we follow through, we review and refine your progress and adjust your targeted treatment plan. These appointments are spaced according to the other treatments you are receiving, the intensity of your concerns and the goals that you have.



Objective findings corroborate your progress. We want to see quality results, but also results that are quantifiable and measurable. When we are able to reassess your initial investigative testing, you will reap the rewards of your efforts and investment.



Wellness is a journey, not a destination. When we work together over time, we will consistently be refining your treatment plan to address and meet your ongoing goals and aspirations. The goal is to always get you to a place of pro-activity and prevention – way beyond just the status quo.

If this sounds like the healthcare you’re looking for, book now

If this sounds like the healthcare you’re looking for, book now

Have questions?

Refer to our FAQ page or clinic website for more information.

Refer to our FAQ page or clinic website for more information.

Would you like to book a complimentary visit to have your questions answered in person? Please contact my office, True Roots Healthcare, at 905-852-2929 to book your appointment. I make it my job to happily provide answers and solutions!