The February 2020 Program is now open! The series will run on each Tuesday in February from 7:45 – 9:15 PM at Pathways to Peace Yoga Studio in Uxbridge.

Tired of feeling tired?

I get it.

As a mom, a naturopathic doctor and business owner, life is BUSY. Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything you need to do into one day, let alone take care of yourself too.

With a to-do list that never seems to end, it’s easy to push sleep to the bottom. With less sleep, there’s more time, right?

But here’s the thing, when we start sacrificing our sleep, we start sacrificing our health. If you’re sleeping for 6-7 or less hours a night, you’re more likely to…

  • Feel super lethargic, like you’re dragging yourself through each day (obvious, I know)
  • Suffer from anxiety and depression
  • Get sick more often
  • Be overweight and have trouble losing weight
  • Be more sensitive to pain
  • Hate your job (it’s true!)
  • Develop cancer

The vicious cycle of not getting enough sleep and feeling tired is brutal.

An extra coffee at the beginning does it. Then you find yourself dragging yourself through the day, having another afternoon coffee just to stay awake through the afternoon. You’re so tired, you could definitely take a nap on your couch, your desk or in your car. Then you push yourself through and wham – there’s that second wind.

Now you’re tired but wired.

It’s an overwhelming smack-in-the-face of all the things you didn’t get done today and all the things you need to do tomorrow. Anxiety about the what if’s and how will’s…

But when we’re not sleeping, we’re not healing.

Maybe you feel like you can never get enough sleep to feel awake in the morning, take forever to fall asleep, or wake up every hour during the night. You’re not alone.

When you’re stuck in the cycle of go-go-go during the day without being able to recharge at night, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to fix it.

If you don’t love the time you spend in bed and find yourself wanting…

  • More energy
  • A balanced mood
  • A higher libido
  • An immune system that actually works
  • A faster metabolism
  • And just a happier, healthier you

I’m just gonna be real… if you’re reading this – 

You need more sleep.

The need for de-stressing and getting more sleep is so apparent in my practice, I’ve joined forces with local yoga instructor, Stephanie Massey. We’ve designed a 4-week Restorative Yoga + Sleep Optimization program to help you go from tired and wired to rested and restored.

Here’s what we’re going to cover each week:

  1. Your External Environment – understand how you are sabotaging your sleep, learn the top 5 ways to modify your external environment to sleep deeper and enjoy an introduction into restorative yoga practice.
  1. Your Internal Environment (Part 1) – understand the link between stress and sleep difficulties, learn how to decompress at the end of the day and enjoy an introduction to meditation. You’ll also have the chance to make your own custom sleepy tea!
  1. Your Internal Environment (Part 2) – take a deeper dive into the link between your hormones and sleeping challenges, as we teach you how to track and identify imbalances, all the way from puberty to menopause! Ease into our restorative yoga practice.
  1. Tools & Tips To Go Forward – learn what to do when you feel like you’ve tried everything to sleep better, understand what tests you may need to investigate your hormones and physiology related to sleep and take home samples of the best sleep-supporting supplements.

During each of our sessions, you’ll have the chance to really understand why you’re not sleeping and what you can start doing immediately to start sleeping better. With the combination of restorative yoga and an introduction to meditation, you’ll give your body the chance to slow down and enter a state of deep relaxation.

Register for the program online here.

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice that literally anyone can do. During the practice, your body is supported with various props so you are as comfortable as can be! No extra bending required. Our classes will be suitable for beginners to advanced yogis, as each pose is entirely modifiable into whatever works for you. You can even do the practice seated in a chair! We like to make it as easy as possible and love the idea that lying down for an hour counts as exercise! ????

This program includes 4, 30-minute sessions with yours-truly and 4, 60 minute yoga workshops –  and is valued is over $500.

An early bird rate of $167 will be available until January 21st, 2020! After this, the program goes up to $197.

Register for the program online here. The early bird rate saves you $30 and is available until January 21st, 2020. The discount is automatically applied until then!

Spots are limited! Grab yours now.