Why You Need More Sleep

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Remember that guy who jumped out of a space capsule at 128,000 feet and free fell to earth? Ya, the Guinness Book of World Records let Felix Baumgartner do that in 2012 but they no longer records attempts to go the longest without sleep. (For the record, it sits at 11 days). I totally get that life is busy, and sometimes it seems that if you cut back on sleep, you’ll have more time to get everything done. But – if you really knew why you needed to sleep (beyond just the obvious) and how optimizing your sleep could actually create more time and energy for you – you wouldn’t sacrifice it.

“The decimation of sleep throughout industrialized nations is having a catastrophic impact on our health, our wellness, even the safety and education of our children. It’s a silent sleep loss epidemic. It’s fast becoming one of the greatest challenges we face in the 21st century,” – Matthew Walker, PhD

Here’s what happens when you don’t get the sleep you need:

  • You are more likely to suffer from infertility
  • Your immune system is more susceptible to all kinds of infections
  • You are more likely to suffer from mental health issues, like anxiety and depression
  • Your nervous system is more likely to be in overdrive (go-go-go, can’t slow down mode)
  • You are at greater risk of developing cancer and Alzehimer’s 
  • You are more likely to have high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
  • You are at significant risk of being involved in a car accident (drowsy driving accidents kill more than drug and alcohol-related accidents, combined)
  • You are more likely to be overweight and have trouble losing weight
  • Your lifespan is likely to be shorter than it could be

And here’s the kicker – the human mind cannot accurately sense how sleep-deprived it is when it is, in fact, sleep deprived. Here are the key signs you need to optimize your sleep:

  • You take more than 10-20 minutes to fall asleep
  • You don’t sleep continuously throughout the night
  • If you wake up at night, it takes forever to get back to sleep
  • You never wake up rested
  • You could have a mid-morning nap, regardless of how much you sleep
  • You would die without coffee (just kidding, but you know the feeling…)

If you find yourself feeling this way – your body is trying to tell you it needs better, not always more, sleep. 

If you’re not sure how to fix your broken sleep, let’s get you started with a plan.

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